Helps people work together on anything, from anywhere.

Where is everybody? On the road. At an offsite. Meeting with a client. In the field. Telecommuting. Job sharing. Whatever the reason for your team's dispersion, Brightable plugs them into the hive mind. Post, share, and search for files, links, discussions, whatever. Everything in one place. For those times when everyone can't be.

And the easy-to-use project management tools let you create lists, assign tasks to people or groups, send and receive reminders, and track progress. Brightable doesn't make the work easier, but it does make working easier.

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Inbox zero. Well, not absolute zero. But closer than ever.

Eliminate "Reply All" syndrome (from "Why am I getting this?" to "Why didn't I get that?") and those nasty email sinkholes that consume vital data. Post comments and updates where everyone can see (or keep them private between you and one or more people). Your Feed provides a live activity stream to keep you in the know.

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Set up your own Brightable universe in about 10 minutes. Organize knowledge, projects and dialogs across Portals, Groups, and Boards, in whatever way suits you best. Then invite people and start the sharing magic.

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Collaboration. Team communication. Content management. Project management. Knowledge sharing. Between employees. With customers, vendors and resellers. Brightable is the flexible machine for sharing, collaborating in the cloud, and greasing the gears of your workflow.

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you can do right now with Brightable.

Brightable helps people work together more efficiently, no matter where they are or what they're working on.


If collaborating means bringing people together to get things done, then Brightable is a great place to do it. I create, post, share and get input. You view or download, answer a question, post a new take. And everyone in the extended organization can search and find it all, from anywhere, on any device.


"Who's got the latest?" We all do, because Brightable makes it easy for teams to share, store and find all the digital stuff they need to get their work done.


Brightable's simple, visual interface makes content, projects and answers easy to scan. The toolset of Boards, Assets, Tags, Portals and Groups conforms to your knowledge-management needs.


Wherever your digital resources live, Brightable becomes a single, clearly organized place to access them. Upload anything to Brightable. Post a link to any Web page. Link to cloud-stored files on Dropbox, Google Drive or Or post team discussions where they can be searched and mined for insights.


Brightable keeps you in tune with what other people are posting and working on, via your dashboard Feed and your choice of notification frequencies (a new email for every comment or one digest email per day). You can discuss and assign Assets within your groups or keep conversations private with the @Direct feature.


Brightable makes it easier for people to share, find and work on projects and content from anywhere. That simplifies their workflow and saves time. Less complication. More motivation.

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