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What's New? Symmetrical Asset "tiles" on Boards pages

1. The Assets page has a new "view" option - symmetrical Asset tiles. In this view, all Assets are the same height, for easier scanning across rows. As usual, the default sort puts Assets with the most recent activity first.

Assets with content that continues past the tile border will show a "more" button. Click "more" to expand the Asset preview to full height. The other views (staggered "bricks" and list) are still available. Click the appropriate link at upper right to change the view type.

2. We've also cleaned up some controls and UI elements and fixed a few bugs.

Coming next: Asset Review Paths, which will allow you to specify a series of reviewers for any asset. Brightable will notify each reviewer in order as review steps are completed, and you'll be able to Approve or Reject Assets sent to you for review.

NOTE: Need a previous version of a file you've updated and overwritten? You can find and download it on the Asset Detail page, Timeline tab.

If you run into any problems or don’t understand how something works, let us know immediately. We’ll walk you through any Brightable feature via phone or Web meeting. If anything is wrong, we’ll fix it fast.

Thank you for collaborating on Brightable.

Phone: (248)686-1178

Email: support@brightable.com

Twitter: @brightable